KUBOV CDs now online




I was recently working with musicians Emma Lloyd and Jess Aslan, collectively known as Kubov, to produce artwork for their first album.    The images are produced through combining pencil drawings and their digital representations in the form of digital screen-prints.  Each CD cover is different, taken from a unique point in the score.  The CDs can be purchased here.

Into 2018… time to experiment..



After a busy and productive 2017, I will be spending the next few months at a slower pace.  I recently read an article in Artspace on artist Carol Bove, who undertook a three month experiment in making without the pressure of an exhibition.  She did this to try and understand what she was censoring in her work through the act of showing to the public.  I have decided to try this myself.   See you soon!

Sound Thought Installation


My painting ‘Moving Image’ (left) installed at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow as part of Sound Thought Festival 2017.  Sited next to this beautiful installation (right) by Berlin based artist Frank Rossi ‘So Viele Farben Schwarz’.



Sound Thought Festival 2017 CCA Glasgow

DSC_0006 (1)

Almost ready!  This Painting, Moving Image, will be shown at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow next month as part of the Sound Thought Festival 2017.  The Painting will also be read as a graphic score by musicians during a collaborative workshop.  The Festival runs from 10th – 12th May. More information can be found here.

Visual Arts Award 2017


I am delighted to have been awarded Visual Arts funding from City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland.  This funding will allow me to make new work for a solo exhibition at Eyemouth Hippodrome in October 2017.